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Itoh Paeonia

Extra Large Hosta

Dianthus - Great Butterfly Plant

Native Collection


Product Name

Secondary Name Product Size Price 
12 Allium x Millennium millennium allium 1gl $19.95
12 Astilbe 'Fanal' Fanal Astilbe 1 gal. $17.50
12 Astilbe 'Red Sentinel' Red Sentinel 1 gal. $17.50
12 Astilbe 'Rheinland' Rheinland Astilbe 1 gal. $17.50
11 Clematis 'Jackmanii' Jackman Clematis 1 gal. $24.95
43 Coreopsis verticillata 'Zagreb' Zagreb Threadleaf Coreopsis 1 gal. $17.50
1 Grass Miscanthus sinensis 'Adagio' adgio maiden grass 5gl $49.95
12 Helleborus x Double Fantasy double fantasy lentin rose 1gl $24.95
6 Hosta 'Eola Sapphire' Eola Saphire Hosta 5 gal. $79.95
10 Hosta 'Francee' Francee Hosta 5 gal $79.95
10 Hosta 'Francee' Francee Hosta 1 gal. $17.50
20 Hosta 'Great Expections' Great Expections Hosta 1 gal. $17.50
20 Hosta 'Minuteman' Minuteman Hosta 1 gal $17.50
10 Hosta 'Patriot' Patriot Hosta 5 gal $79.95
20 Hosta 'Patriot' Patriot Hosta 1 gal. $17.50
6 Hosta 'Sagae' Sagae Hosta or Fluctans Varigata 5 gal. $79.95
6 Hosta 'Sum & Substance' Sum & Substance Hosta 5 gal $79.95
20 Hosta 'Sum and Substance' Sum and Substance Hosta 1 gal. S $17.50
20 Hosta x Orange Marmalade orrnage marmalade hosta 1fl $19.95
12 Iris En Cascade Spice Cascade Spice Iris 1gal $17.50
24 Paeonia 'Kansas'   RED Kansas Peony 2 gal. $49.95
6 Paeonia 'Yumi' Yellow Doodle Dandy Peony 5gl $99.95
6 Paeonia (itoh) pink double dandy Pink double dandy Itoh peony 5 gal $99.95
10 Paeonia x Orchid Lady orchis Lady Peony 2gl $49.95
12 Paeonia x Paul M Wild Paul M Wild Peony 2 gal $49.95


Salvia Marcus

Yoki Clematis


Itoh Paeonia


Butterfly Garden

Huechera Coral Bells

Coral Bells

Dwarf Thornless Raspberry Shortcake

Bergina Winterflow

Vision Astilbe

Creeping Phlox

Lenten Rose

Lambs Ear

Sentimental Blue Balloon Flower



Lentin Rose



Purple Magnus Coneflower

Pink Champagne Clematis

Ostrich Fern

Sum and Substance Hosta

Little Business Daylily

Veronica Spike

Cat Mint

Clematis Toki

Giant Hosta

Butterfly Collection

Cheesier Coneflower

Hamlin Grass

Jacobs Ladder

Aster Farmington



Sombrero Cornflower